A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Roll and Steeal is a futuristic battle sport in which players compete together to fulfill energy pool of their team. They master their skills for effective energy allocation and find the best mechanics for controlling the giant ball. Every player has a backpack with energy which is the only source for movement capability. Unable to function without the energy, players can sneak behind opponents to steal their energy for the common pool, incredible goals, cheerful competition and epic victory.

How to correctly play the game:

This is Multiplayer Game, need at least 2 people to play online. Best experience is 3V3. Maximum is 20 Player

Follow this steps to open the game:

1. This is a Multiplayer Game, one player need to open this game first,

2. Click Start Once, the loading time is about 20 sec

3. Load into the map and stop at the part when player should enter the name.

4. Other player can start the game to play it.


W/Up Arrow: Forward

S/Down Arrow: Backward

A/Left Arrow: Left Side Walk

D/Right Arrow: Right Side Walk

Mouse Click: Push ball(Behind Ball)/ Steal Energy(Behind Back Pack)

Mouse Roll: Camera View

Middle Mouse Scroll: Camera Distance

Teammembers:Anna Perelygina,Luke Li,Steven Wang,Jimmz Zhang


RollSteeal.app.zip 100 MB
Roll&Steeal.zip 98 MB

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